Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR) Services

If you're looking for support as the financial services industry moves towards a new level of professionalism and service, Dirigere Advisory is the licensee to align yourself with.

We are all about letting you get on with your advising business but understand you need the backing of a group that understands where the industry is going, and what effect the changes to will have on your business model. We take this responsibility seriously, and our background and experience consulting to licensees from both the boutique to large corporate level positions us to guide you and your business through the constantly changing landscape.

Member Portal

Much of the support you require will be available through the easy-to-use member portal, designed and implemented independently to ensure it meets the needs of Dirigere and is not simply an "off-the-shelf" system that meets some of the requirements.

You will be able to search through our business resources as we bring together communities of interest with the purpose for education and enrichment, as well as share insights and content through our online calendar and industry links

A support base from which to build

The support offered by Dirigere is based on experience of what financial advisers both need and want.  It has been designed so that we will operate to collaborate in the success of your business, but without being too prescriptive so that you will run your business your way.

Of course, if you want more from us than our regular support program this can be negotiated to ensure that both parties are comfortable with the ongoing relationship and the service provision is appropriate to your needs.